by Alter

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LP will be available early 2017 via Hidden Door Records


released November 11, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Dan Frome in October 2015
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio
Artwork by Sara Perone

Music video for "Deja Vu" - vimeo.com/191006574



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Alter Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Memory's Echo
Memories echo off
the walls of time

Reflecting back into
the center of our minds
Reminding us of a past time

Memories linger
They surface like a mirage

When you reach
they vanish
before your eyes

Watch as our
memories echo
in time
Track Name: Deja Vu
I’ve been here once before, now
I’ve traveled these hallways
I’ve unlocked these doors

I don’t know when I came here
But I know I will return

Footsteps rewind
for me to see

Today is a memory
Tomorrow is a mirage
Track Name: Static Sea
Do you see these shadows?
Oh how they follow us.
They linger in the darkness,
Until they become us.

We are the shadows of our fear.
Lost in a static sea
We remain
Stagnant and sound asleep.

Paralyzed on the shores of distant memories.
We fall farther from ourselves and vanish into this darkness.

The sun is rising.
The darkness has disappeared.
But I can't seem to escape these shadows that follow us.
Track Name: Hypnotized
I weave my web
For you to get caught
Into my intricate design
For you to loose control

I conduct you
With unsure intent 
For I need to control 
Something outside of myself 
We’re hypnotized by others’ 
Intricate designs
Track Name: Walls
These walls
They grow

These walls
Are what I know

They keep me from seeing
Outside of my mind

They shift & control
What I'm able to see
What I believe to know

In this imaginary prison
Where I lay
Free to stay
Free to go
But I choose to stay here

One day these walls will vanish
For me to remain
Where I've always been
Track Name: Elegy
When breathing becomes a curse
Perception is too hard to endure

Your torches touch the water
The mysteries of Death unearth

The twilight of tragedy
Brings us closer to the voices
of mystery

These voices call for us
to step away from the light
to sink into the soils of the night

The broken bells
of a tragic dawn
This elegy for
the shattered lives
of woeful minds